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10/∞ gifs of capsule: during flash back promotions

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[10:20 PMWith Kyun and Mr. Sebastian (top)
[11:48 PM]
Mr. PES and Mr. Nakata came to see my concert too! (bottom)

KinokoNiji Guts
Release: 2.11.14

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capsule fanart! I’m super into Japanese music now bc 4+ years ago, I discovered this lovely duo and then Perfume happened and then my life was over.

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Happy 33rd Birthday Nakata!


[11:39 PMMr. RAM, Mr. Nakata, me and Yun*chi-chan and me. As soon as I get drunk I start singing. I’m a pirate!!!!! And I also tend to sing Natural ni Koi Shite~ (top)
[11:45 PM] *sluuuump* (bottom)